Monthly Archives: January 2009

It’s great to be back in Arizona–even if I have to mow the lawn tomorrow

After enduring three days of snow and cold in New York, it’s wonderful to be back in Arizona and 80 degrees Farenheit!  My apple trees are budding, my peach tree is ready to blossom and tomorrow I have to mow the lawn.  The weekend promises great weather for the FBR Open and hopefully the Cardinals will win the SuperBowl.  It’s my turn to cook tonight, so I’m making my favorite southwestern dish–stuffed pablano peppers.  My mouth is watering already. – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

Another endorsement for Instant Turnaround!


Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, New York Times bestselling authors of The Carrot Principle have endorsed Instant Turnaround! Here’s what they had to say: “One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is getting people excited about coming to work and working hard every single day. In this absorbing new book Instant Turnaround, leadership gurus Paul and Reck give you the specifics on how to make this happen-in a way that grabs you from page one. Ignore this message at your peril.”  Harry and I are thrilled to have such high quality authors get behind our book. – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

It took five hours from JFK to Dallas

LuggageI’ve finally left the storms for the eastern seaboard behind.  I’m currently at the Admiral’s Club at DFW–it took five hours of flying time to get here!  Should be back in Phoenix before midnight.  Even with all the delays, it was still a fantastic trip.  I feel that Instant Turnaround! is in great hands.  I can’t wait to start executing the marketing plan. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

Bad weather at LaGuardia

With rain turned to snow, you can imagine how bad the traffic is tied up in New York.  I made it to the airport and, while flights have been delayed, it doesn’t come close to dampening my enthusiasm for all the good things that happened during my visit.  I’ve been given every reason to expect great things from Instant Turnaround!  It looks like I’ll be spending a few hours in Dallas between flights, but Dallas is a great place to spend time.  One never knows who he or she will run into. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

I love New York

After that fantastic meeting yesterday at William Morrow Publishing, Harry and I, along with Harry’s wife Mary, had dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant (with live music).  We then strolled in sub-freezing weather to Rockefeller Center with all its gorgeous lights and watched people ice skate.  On the way back, we walked passed St. Patrick’s Cathedral.   When we returned, I was actually freezing–what a thrill for an Arizona guy.  Sometimes I get so tired of warm weather and sunshine.  Then to cap everything off, when I woke up this morning it was snowing.  Is this a great city or what? – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

What a fantastic marketing team!

I just came from a meeting with the William Morrow marketing team for Instant Turnaround!  What a fantastic team of people.  Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and energized.  Harry and I came away so excited that we were beside ourselves.  Our thanks go out to our editor, Peter Hubbard, for pulling such an impressive team together.  This meeting certainly made our day and then some.  Thank you, Peter. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

What a day yesterday was!

Yesterday, on the flight from Dallas to JFK, I got a chance to read Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes.  I learned that you manage with fear and you lead with trust.  I was very excited, because this is the same thing Harry and I say in Instant Turanround!  Seth also said that you turn work into fun, because fun engages people which is also pointed out in Instant Turnaround!  Then last night I went to the 25th Anniversary of 800CEORead and guess who was there?  You guessed it; Seth Godin!  Is that bizarre or what?  When I told him that I’d read his book on the plane ride from Dallas, he told me I’d made his day.  How much excitement can one person handle in a day? – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

I Just Arrived in Dallas

I just arrived in Dallas en route to New York.  The weather is cold, cloudy and rainy, but that hasn’t dampened my excitement about my meetings with William Morrow tomorrow.  Tonight, Harry and I are going to a party hosted by online bookseller 800CEORead.  They’re launching a new book.  It looks to be a very special event. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

I’m Headed for New York Tomorrow

Amazing Results

I’m very excited these days.   Tomorrow, I’m headed to New York to meet with William Morrow, the publisher of Instant Turnaround!  This is the same company that published the original One Minute Manager and many of Ken Blanchard’s other books.  I’ve been told, that Instant Turnaround! is the first business parable to be published that wasn’t written by Ken Blanchard.  If anyone can make a business parable successful, it’s William Morrow.  Harry Paul, my coauthor, and I will be meeting with some of the editorial staff as well as some people in the marketing and sales departments.  We will be formulating some of the final plans for the book’s launch on April 21. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!

Ken Blanchard endorses Instant Turnaround!

I just received great news about my new book which is going to be released on April 21st that Ken Blanchard, the coauthor of One Minute Manager, has endorsed the manuscript saying, “The best leadership advice for creating a great organization comes from simple truths. Instant Turnaround is full of these truths. Harry Paul and Ross Reck nail what it takes to get people excited about coming to work and working hard. Read this book.”  Wow!  This is great news for me…. I’m really excited. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!