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The Bailout of the Auto Industry Should Focus on Creating Sales, not Cutting Jobs and Closing Plants

I see where GM and Chrysler are seeking an additional $21.6 billion in loans from the federal government.  In return, GM is cutting 47,000 jobs and closing 14 plants while Chrysler is cutting an additional 3,000 on top of the 32,000 they’ve cut since 2007.  Something is wrong with this picture–I thought the government’s bailout of the US auto industry was supposed to save jobs, not destroy them.   It seems like the only things auto executives know how to do is cut costs, cut jobs and close plants.  If the government truly wants to save the American auto industry, it needs to focus on the revenue stream–bringing money into these companies through sales of their products.  Instead of putting this $21.6 billion into the hands of incompetent auto executives, the federal government should put all of it into the hands of consumers.   For example, it could give each American household a $10,000 voucher that’s good only for the purchase of  a new car from any GM, Ford or Chrysler dealer.  This would create immediate sales of 2,160,000 new automobiles and give the auto industry the shot in the arm it needs.  The same amount of revenue would still flow into the US auto companies, but they would have to earn it by doing what they’re in business to do–building and selling cars.

If Executives Don’t Care About Their People, Then Their People Don’t Care Either

 A study quoted in The Invisible Employee by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton found that 90 percent of the executives surveyed said that people were their company’s greatest asset.  Then, given the chance to rank strategies that were most likely to bring success to their company, they put people issues near the bottom.  It’s a very simple formula: If the executives don’t care about their people, then their people don’t care either.  This lack of caring takes an incredible toll on the bottom line in the form of increased employee turnover, absenteesim and theft as well as reduced productivity, customer loyality and sales.  The good news is that this entire problem could be fixed literally overnight if executives took seriously the fact that their employees really are their most important resource and acted accordingly.  Not exactly rocket science, is it?

You’ve got to check this out!

I just came across the most amazing service.  It’s called ChangeThis (  Each month this service publishes a series of thoughtful constructive arguements on important issues which they refer to as manifestos.  These manifestos run against the grain of conventional thinking which makes them refreshing, exciting and extremely informative.   All the manifestos are available for download and here’s the kicker: the service is free.  I’ve alread read a number of these manifestos and the content is truly amazing.  So do yourself a big favor in check this out.

Great meeting this morning!

I regularly meet with a group on Saturday mornings for the sole purpose of kicking around ideas.  I always come away from our meeting upbeat and energized.  I’ve picked up a number of great suggestions for promoting and marketing Instant Turnaround!  Our group started out with three people and now we’re up to seven.  It seems like every Saturday morning we have a new person join us.   This a fantastic  and rewarding way to spend an hour or two on Saturday morning.  You might consider forming such a group yourself.

My new web site is coming along

We’ve been working on my new web site( for quite some time now and parts of it are available to navigate.  This site features my new book, Instant Turnaround!, as well as my other books and programs.  Take a look when you get a chance.  It’s been a great week and plans for the launch Instant Turnaround!  on April 21 are progressing nicely.

It was a great brainstorming session

Harry, Art Bauer and me had a fantastic brainstorming session yesterday.  It was about putting together a viral video to promote Instant Turnaround!  It lasted nearly an hour and the energy level of the meeting and the exchange of ideas were fantastic.  I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress.  I also had a great conversation with the folks at 800CEORead (  The will be actively helping us promote Instant Turnaround! 

Brainstorming session

Today, Harry, me and award winning video producer Art Bauer, will be brainstorming a viral video to promote Instant Turnaround!  Our instructions are to think of something that’s BIG TIME BIZARE and way, way,way outside the box.  The video will be somewhere between 30 second and 3.5 minutes in length.  If you have any ideas, please let me know this morning.  Have a great day.

I’m looking forward to a spectacular week!

This is shaping up to be a spectacular week.  I have numerous meetings, phone calls and conference calls all relating to the marketing of my new book Instant Turnaround!  I can’t believe how many people have stepped up to help promote this book.  Once again, April 21 is the launch date.  This means the official count down has begun.