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A Quick Story About Positive Affirmation and Revenue

This very powerful story was sent to my by a friend of mine and I’d like to share it with you.

“The last company I worked for was strong for the first few years and then started declining once we took on investor money and got away from our core values. At one point, the founder (no longer the CEO at this point) sent me 2 graphs. One was titled “Revenue”, and the other did not have a title. The 2 charts were very similar. They had spikes around the same times and dips around the same times. He asked me what I thought the second graph was, and I could not figure it out for the life of me. Finally, he told me that the second chart was the number of posts on the ‘iRock Board.’ The iRock Board was a little module that I added to our in-house software that allowed employees to post messages about coworkers that went above and beyond. The 2 graphs showed that when our employees were posting lots of compliments, revenue went up. When the iRock posts started to decline, so did our revenue.

Kind-of makes you think… :-).”