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Why Not Make Full (100%) Employee Engagement Your Goal

As I visit with people who work for different businesses, I hear about their efforts to improve the level of employee engagement. The common element of all these conversations is that these people are only trying to improve the level of engagement by a few percentage points instead of aiming for full (100%) employee engagement. With the global level of employee engagement hovering around 30 percent, a few percentage points of improvement really isn’t anything to write home about. What businesses need to do is start swing for the fences when it comes to improving the level of employee engagement and make full employee engagement their goal. The first step in doing this is to read a copy of my new book, The Engagement Formula which presents a new leadership model that guarantees full (100%) employee engagement. The truth of the matter is that it actually takes less effort to achieve full employee engagement than it does to raise the level of engagement by a few percentage points. For more info, go to: