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My new web site is coming along

We’ve been working on my new web site(www.rossreck.com) for quite some time now and parts of it are available to navigate.  This site features my new book, Instant Turnaround!, as well as my other books and programs.  Take a look when you get a chance.  It’s been a great week and plans for the launch Instant Turnaround!  on April 21 are progressing nicely.

Ken Blanchard endorses Instant Turnaround!

I just received great news about my new book which is going to be released on April 21st that Ken Blanchard, the coauthor of One Minute Manager, has endorsed the manuscript saying, “The best leadership advice for creating a great organization comes from simple truths. Instant Turnaround is full of these truths. Harry Paul and Ross Reck nail what it takes to get people excited about coming to work and working hard. Read this book.”  Wow!  This is great news for me…. I’m really excited. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!RossReck.com