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The Engagement Formula: Three Simple Steps That Guarantee Full Empoyee Engagement, is Now Available

The Engagement Formula by Dr. Ross Reck now available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.com

This book presents a new leadership model that guarantees full employee engagement. If you implement this new leadership model in your organization, 100 percent of your employees will become engaged with their work—all working at their full potential. Sound impossible? It is impossible under traditional management methods that emphasize top down direction and control. On the other hand, full employee engagement is routine when you utilize the leadership model presented in this book. This should be exciting news to all business leaders especially since recent studies have shown that only 21 to 31 percent of employees are engaged with their work—world-wide. This means that 69 to 79 percent of employees are not working anywhere near their full potential. Think of what it would mean to the success of any organization—profit or non-profit—if it could get all of its employees engaged with their work. This new leadership model is called The Engagement Formula. If you execute its three simple steps, full employee engagement is guaranteed.

Listed below are the kinds of things you can expect once you implement The Engagement Formula in your organization:

  • You’ll achieve the incredible levels of profitability, producitivty, customer loyality and employee loyalty that are enjoyed by companies like Southwest Airlines, W. L. Gore & Assiociates, JetBlue and Costco.
  • You’ll succeed at delivering “Wow” customer service the way leading companies like Amazon.com, USAA, Marriott Hotels, Nordstrom, Zappos and Publix Super Markets do.
  • You’ll realize the extraordinary level of innovation found in companies like Google, 3M, Apple, GE, FedEx and Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Unlike most books written in this genre, The Engagement Formula does not over-promise and then under-deliver. Rather, it delivers exactly what it promises—a new leadership model that guarantees full employee engagement.

The Engagement Formula is now available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com.  It’s also available in paperback on my web site: www.rossreck.com and for those of you who live in Arizona, it’s also available at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe.