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Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer Has Her Priorities in the Right Order

Marissa Mayer was hired as the CEO of Yahoo last July to turn the company’s fortunes around. An article in today’s Wall Street Journal points out that Yahoo’s revenue is down and that a turnaround has yet to take hold. What the article doesn’t seem to appreciate is the fact that Ms. Mayer knows what she’s doing and that a turnaround will happen and it will be a solid one. According to that same article: “Ms. Mayer said that it would ‘take several years’ to reach the growth rate she would like, and that her first priority was to make Yahoo ‘a really terrific place to work’ and hire the right people before stepping up the “cadence of product development.” This shows that Ms. Mayer has he priorities in the right order. First, you get the culture right which consists of making Yahoo “a really terrific place to work.” Second, you hire only those people who will thrive in that culture. And finally you turn those people loose and support them while they apply their best efforts to make the company successful. This process takes time, but it’s a “can’t miss” formula and it’s the same formula which is presented in my new book, The Engagement Formula which you can find on http://rossreck.com/.