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J.Crew CEO Speaks out on Productivity

An article by Danielle Sacks in the May 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine includes J.Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler’s 10 rules for creative success. Mr. Drexler points out that every business could be creative. “I talk to so many people about the lack of creativity in companies in America. Part of creativity is contrarianism. Creativity battles common wisdom. Because if there’s common wisdom, there’s an opportunity. In my own experience, whatever was a good idea was a bad idea to most people.” He also points out that American companies are built to destroy creativity. “If you become the head of a big company today, you’re not the youngest person in the world. You have a contract. You get a jet. You have a huge overpaid salary. You get bonuses. Do you think that CEO is going to screw around with fast, creative change? No. And the board of directors–the last thing they want is someone who’s going to change things. Steve Jobs–he would bet the company, he wouldn’t care. But there are very few people who run companies that way.” These are excellent observations and so true. My new book, The Engagement Formula, shows you how to build an organization that fosters a high level of creativity. www.rossreck.com