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Bad weather at LaGuardia

With rain turned to snow, you can imagine how bad the traffic is tied up in New York.  I made it to the airport and, while flights have been delayed, it doesn’t come close to dampening my enthusiasm for all the good things that happened during my visit.  I’ve been given every reason to expect great things from Instant Turnaround!  It looks like I’ll be spending a few hours in Dallas between flights, but Dallas is a great place to spend time.  One never knows who he or she will run into. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!RossReck.com

I love New York

After that fantastic meeting yesterday at William Morrow Publishing, Harry and I, along with Harry’s wife Mary, had dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant (with live music).  We then strolled in sub-freezing weather to Rockefeller Center with all its gorgeous lights and watched people ice skate.  On the way back, we walked passed St. Patrick’s Cathedral.   When we returned, I was actually freezing–what a thrill for an Arizona guy.  Sometimes I get so tired of warm weather and sunshine.  Then to cap everything off, when I woke up this morning it was snowing.  Is this a great city or what? – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!RossReck.com