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The Engaged Employees at Trader Joe’s Make Grocery Shopping Fun

I absolutely love shopping at Trader Joe’s. The Quality of the groceries is excellent as are the prices. But, the most important reason that I shop at Trader Joe’s is the people who work there– they’re genuinely nice. As you walk around the store, they great you as if they really care about you. It doesn’t take too many visits before they know your name. If you ask them a question, they’ll go to great pains to get you an answer and if you ask them where a certain item is located, they will take you to it rather than say, “If we have it, it’s in aisle three.” In short, these employees love what they’re doing and it shows in the way they do it. This, in turn, is what brings people like me back to their store on an almost daily basis. It’s a great recipe for success.