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Another Positive Review for Instant Turnaround!

Jim Pawlak wrote the following review of Instant Turnaround! which appeared this morning, April 5, in the Dallas Morning News:

“Instant” may be overstating the case because management must change its decades-old view of employees as expendable assets and build through trust, not fear. Building trust takes time.

The authors point out that managing strictly by the numbers makes the numbers more important than the people counted on to drive results. That’s the wrong message; as far back as the late-1920s, studies have shown that the big-stick, command-and- control approach leads to unhappy employees, low productivity and costly, high turnover.

What approach increases productivity and lowers turnover? Engagement. Make employees a real part of the team. Asking, not telling, acknowledges that there are many smart people in the room – and you want, and value, their input.

The authors believe customers come second; employees come first. Why? Employees treat customers only as well as they are treated.

Another message to senior managers: Get involved with the frontline people. Spending time in the trenches reinforces the employee-first message, and provides a broader, unfiltered perspective of how the business works.  For more information on the book, go to www.instantturnaround.net or www.rossreck.com.

I love New York

After that fantastic meeting yesterday at William Morrow Publishing, Harry and I, along with Harry’s wife Mary, had dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant (with live music).  We then strolled in sub-freezing weather to Rockefeller Center with all its gorgeous lights and watched people ice skate.  On the way back, we walked passed St. Patrick’s Cathedral.   When we returned, I was actually freezing–what a thrill for an Arizona guy.  Sometimes I get so tired of warm weather and sunshine.  Then to cap everything off, when I woke up this morning it was snowing.  Is this a great city or what? – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!RossReck.com

What a fantastic marketing team!

I just came from a meeting with the William Morrow marketing team for Instant Turnaround!  What a fantastic team of people.  Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and energized.  Harry and I came away so excited that we were beside ourselves.  Our thanks go out to our editor, Peter Hubbard, for pulling such an impressive team together.  This meeting certainly made our day and then some.  Thank you, Peter. – – Ross Reck, author of Instant Turnaround!RossReck.com